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Iridology And Henry Lindlahr, M. D

Outline of the section: We have re-organised and provide a summary of the various section of the works by Dr Henry Lindlahr, M. D. , who is the founder of "Scientific Naturopathy" in the United States. And we have provided some information on Dr Henry Lindlahr as well.

About Dr Henry Lindlahr
Dr Henry Lindlahr, M. D. is the founder of "Scientific Naturopathy" in the United States, read more information on him in this section.

Chart of Iris and Color Plate

The Story of a Great Discovery

How Dr. Von Peckzely, of Budapest, Hungary, discovered Nature's records in the eye, quite by accident, when a boy ten years of age.

Basic Diagnosis
Basic diagnosis enables the physician to express a more accurate opinion as to whether the case will improve, or whether the individual will continue to decline. It also enables him to determine which organ system needs the greatest attention from a therapeutic standpoint. Read more about basic diagnosis here.

How the Signs of Iris are produced
Do you know that the effects of surgical operations performed under anesthesia either do not show in the eyes at all, or only very faintly, though entire organs or large parts of the body may have been removed by the surgeon's knife. Find out more info here.

Anatomy of the Iris
Anatomical description of the Iris is made as brief and simple as possible over here for easy layman understanding.

Explanation of the Key to Iridology
Every important part and organ in the body has its corresponding location in the iris in a well defined area. Find out more info and view the chart of Iridiagnosis.

A uniform Division and Classification of Diseases
Is there a normal color of the iris, and if so, what is it, and what influences will change it and produce abnormal color effects? You can find out the answer here.

Density of the Iris
While color of the iris is indicative of hereditary traits and of the degree of purity or impurity of blood and tissues, density is a measure of that which we call vitality, tone, power of resistance, recuperative power, etc. More info here.

Nerve Rings
White nerve rings indicate an irritated, over stimulated condition of the central nervous system or of certain parts of it. Find out what is it and other related info.

The Scurf Rim
Suppression of skin eruptions, mercurial inunctions, hot bathing, steam baths, heavy, dense clothing, coddling, or anything else which weakens skin action, tends to intensify the scurf rim. Find out what is it and other related info.

Itch or Psora Spots in the Iris
In civilized countries, especially in those bordering on the Mediterranean Sea, where suppression of itch and other skin eruptions is commonly practiced, about ten per cent of all eyes show in the iris sharply defined dark brown spots ranging in size from that of a pinhead to that of a buckshot. Find more information here.

Comparison of Fermentation to Inflammation
There is a remarkable similarity between alcoholic fermentation and the processes of feverish and inflammatory diseases. Both are processes of oxidation or combustion, accompanied by increased chemical activity and temperature. Both run a natural, orderly course and when properly managed bring about certain normal, beneficial results. When not controlled or when suddenly arrested and suppressed, both may result in permanently abnormal and undesirable conditions. Find out more information in this section.

Diseases of the Vital Organs -Signs in Iris
View charts of iris signs for various disease of the vital organs, like stomach and bowel.

Chronic Diseases - Their Signs in Iris

View charts of iris signs for various disease of the vital organs, like stomach and bowel. Includes a real life example by Dr Henry Lindlahr, M. D.

The Ductless Glands and Their Secretions
The locations and functions of the ductless glands briefly described in this section.

Diseases of Ductless Glands-Signs in Iris
Find out the signs in Iris when a patient suffer from disease if ductless glands.

Signs of Poisons in the Eye
Some of the best known and most widely used of these poisons, their signs in the iris and their effects upon the system are described by Dr Henry Lindlahr, M. D.

Mercury, Hydrargyrum or Quicksilver
Effect of drug from the viewpoint of natural therapeutics discussed.

Information on the effects of Cinchona or Peruvian bark, which was introduced into Europe as a medicinal remedy about the year 1820. Its best known alkaloid is quinin.

No other poisonous drug shows more plainly in the iris compared to Iodin. Read more info here.

Read more about how arsenic poisoning is shown in the iris.

Bromids show in the iris as white or yellowish white discolorations. View the colour plate in this section.

Coal Tar Products
Read more about how use of coal tar products is shown in the iris.

Miscellaneous Drugs
Read more about how use / poisoning of Salicylic acid and other drugs is shown in the iris.



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